Redmi K40 게임용 Xiaomi Redmi K40 게임용 유리 용 4-in-1 Redmi K40 게임용 렌즈 유리 용 강화 유리 HD 화면 보호기

브랜드 이름: Wolfrule

근원: CN (정품)


유형: 전면 필름

호환성 상표: XIAOMI

Compatible Xiaomi Model: For Redmi K40 Gaming 6.67 inch

Radian: 3D

Hardness: 9H

OEG: Welcome!

Thickness: Ultrathin 0.3mm

Package: Foam Box

Feature 1: Full Cover the whole screen protector Cristal Templado

Feature 2: Anti-Sratch, Water-Resistant, Extremely Smooth, Bubble-Free

Material: Tempered Glass ,screen protector ,glass, tempered glass

Model 1: Glass For Xiaomi Redmi K40 Gaming,For Xiaomi Redmi K40 Gaming Glass

Model 2: Tempered Glass For Redmi K40 Gaming

Model 3: For Film Xiaomi Redmi K40 Gaming,For Xiaomi Redmi K40 Gaming Flim

Model 4: For Screen Protector Redmi K40 Gaming

Model 5: Glass For Xiaomi Redmi K40 Pro,For Xiaomi Redmi K40 Pro Glass

Model 6: Glass For Redmi K40 Pro,For Xiaomi Redmi K40 Pro Glass

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20 개 이상 구매 (20 개 포함), 5% 할인, 시스템 자동 가격 조정!
강화 유리 2 개 + 소프트 렌즈 2 개, 유리 패키지 포함
2 * 렌즈 유리 (더 작은 선물)
2 * 강화 유리
4 * 물티슈 + 마른 물티슈
1 * 단단한 거품 상자

강화 유리 1 개 + 소프트 렌즈 유리 패키지 포함
1 * 렌즈 유리 (더 작은 선물)
1 * 강화 유리
2 * 물티슈 + 마른 물티슈
1 * 단단한 거품 상자

2 강화 유리 PackageIncluded
2 * 강화 유리 (작은 선물)
2 * 물티슈 + 마른 물티슈
1 * 단단한 거품 상자

소프트 렌즈 유리 패키지 포함, 2 개
2 * 렌즈 유리 (더 작은 선물)
2 * 물티슈 + 마른 물티슈
1 * 단단한 거품 상자
참고:1. 러시아 친구는 러시아 정책으로 인해 성명을 남겨주세요, 감사합니다!
2. 중국 포스트 일반 작은 패킷 플러스/Yanwen 경제 항공 우편/Cainiao 슈퍼 경제, 이 세 가지 운송 모드는 전체 추적 정보없이 일반 항공 우편입니다.
3. 당신은 유효한 추적 번호 추적 정보 주문 선택하십시오 중국 우편으로 등록 또는 AliExpress 배송.

Dianxiaobao _



Based on 143 reviews

Customer Reviews

Super fast and well packed, come first than the cell so not tested

It came complete the order, well packed, fast shipping, missing to place and test it.

Excellent seller help everything arrived fast in 1 week and a half. Quality nice

Really fast shipping and good communication it came in perfect condition i recommend

Very quality Nice has a good adhesive and perfectly covers the screen and the image quality does not change

Lot of protection 12 day shipping

Product exempt I like to arrive in less than a month

Like, perfectly packed and excellent quality

Get well protected recommend

For the price is OK


Everything is super! Recommend!


Nice screen, but I ordered 4 pcs and received 1pcs with little scratches at the bottom, other 3pcs is okay.


Good product but it took more than 3 months to arrive in Peru-Arequipa

Amazing product! Very good quality, super recommended at a low price

great products, came in on time...

They look great and the feeling and gliding to play games I loved it

I haven't placed them on my device but they came super fast and super well-packed. They look good quality, when I put them on, I'll make an update.

Exelent product and fast delivery

thanks great product

Excellent just as the publishing and nicely packaging

Better than I thought excellent quality and exact size of my team

Good choice to protect the screen and the mica estorban camera not for nothing, does the job without problems and the touch works 100

Very good glass mics for my K40 GAMING

It's very good quality looked great and exactly the phone very satisfied

Very well packaged and arrived in 3 weeks at my home

All very good and very good quality

Dark edges are very thick and around the edges not stick well the glass. The glass the camera is perfect

received really fast. Very happy

Still not used but found very good

Installed already on the phone, serves very well



Exelent arrived in 20 days


Ótimo rewarding




Fast Delivery


New films and perfect

Good, well packaged, fast shipping Only this slightly long because with no cover are

Glass has not yet glued, but soon I will. Minus that the glass on the camera is not glass, but the film, while thin, so that the impact will not save, but from scratches yes. In general, if at a discount, you can take, but the film on the camera is a little upset.


Great seller


super super

Very pro

Excellent Product

The package came in perfect condition and in considerable time, the problem went to the Mica collocae, there were bubbles left on the banks that no more pressure is removed and the lens of the camera glass came with a point, which does not affect any of the cameras but aesthetically

The film was larger than the screen

Not the size k40 gaming

They're not exactly cell measurement.


it doesn't fit probably

The purchase was made by the 2 front (screen) and 2 rear (camera) mics, unfortunately the front mics are not for the screen of Xiaomi Redmi K40 Gaming apesar mobile that the product was selected from the start and were not the front crystals I requested, I'm not satisfied with that because the part of the protective glass frame covers part of the screen, it's obviously not for this model, but the back crystals if they fit, that's my only detail. On the other hand as the final cometaria for the seller would be that they would pay more attention to the front mics that are suitable for the model, regarding the shipment, packaging (very well and time was much faster than estimated by the application.


The Mica that protects the camera is super fine but the glass for the screen does not reach the edges well

Not like this film, left my K40 gaming with more edge than actually has, and is not 3D why not covered 100% screen device

bought for K40 gamming, dimensions are wrong for the phone, there are spaces on both left and right edges, the camera cover does not fit perfectly, not recommended.

It was not the Mika my device, they sent from

I never get my order but if I got reimbursed

There's No left in the k40 Gaming

Not arrived my order like I asked me, just arrived the glass camera but a bit F3, zero recommended and I asked Crystal for both display and camera protector, very bad

4 in 1 but I just received two items and also wrong items

did not receive but seller apparently sends another one which I did not receive and still waiitng for more than 2 months!!!!!!!!!

not good

Not suitable for phone Redmi 40 Gaming Edition

A very uninterested seller is wrong urun gonderdi

Film also not fit.

There had been the Mica CRYSTAL

I don't get my package.

Not arrived

Good choice to protect the screen and camera, will definitely buy


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